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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Google+ Improvements 2.0

I made a post with a few Google+ improvements that I think would really help the platform last year. (Actually I just checked and it was exactly one year ago to the day. That was not planned. Wow.)

Of course, less than a month after I made my post Google completely overhauled the look of Google+.

My two main points were 'Mark as Read' and 'Starred Posts'. Neither were updated in the overhaul, so I figured I would re-visit them. Well, one of them.

Mark As Read (for the new layout)

This is a simple change. A few simple CSS changes as far as UI goes. The back-end would obviously be a bit more, but that can be saved for someone else to write.

I made a few quick and dirty mock-ups, including New Posts, Read Posts & Updated Posts.

New (unread) Posts: would have a green bar at the top of the card.

Read Posts: All posts (with no new comments) will be greyed out.

Updated Posts: Any post that has a new comment since last view would have an orange bar atop the card and would highlight any new comments.

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