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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Clean Slate


This is a VERY exciting story. Promise.

So, after a few years of pointing to a Tumblr blog, I've changed it to now to just point to my Google+ profile.

When I originally switched to Tumblr, it was because the site is pretty good about allowing full customization and I created a complete design for it. The blog still exists and can be seen at

After a few years with this setup, I got fed up with all the domain errors that Tumblr kept giving me, so I decided it was time for a change.

I also decided to move my blogging platform back to Blogger (after a roughly a six year hiatus) because I don't really post much, but need a place to do so. I have hidden all my old, now irrelevant posts, and am starting anew from today going forward.

I'm not certain I'll keep pointing to my Google+ profile for long, but until I can motivate myself to create a page, it's going to stay that way, especially since it's already a hub for all my internet activity.

See, like I said: "VERY exciting story".
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